Metal Ceramic

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) crowns and bridges are widely used as the restorations offer strength, aesthetics, marginal integrity, predictability and excellent value for money.A wide range of alloys are now available to suit every possible case scenario.
Hypersensitive or allergic patients can have the choice of Titanium, Nickel and Beryllium-free or noble or high-noble alloy copings.
Ceramics employed are issued with US IdentCeram® certificates to verify the American Dental Association classification and content of the restorative materials.BenefitsHigh bond strength between metal and porcelainStrength for long-span bridgesMarginal integrityBiocompatibleAestheticsAbility to block out discoloured underlying tooth structureCan incorporate precision attachments where clinically appropriateConsiderationsCurrently used more sparingly for anterior teeth given that more aesthetic options are availableAesthetics (Inadequate tooth preparation can affect aesthetics)Long-term colour stability (become lighter over time)Exposure of restoration margins over timeMetal sensitivityHeading